Rhubarb is the best vegetable by far.

Its edible stalks can be made into a delicious rhubarb crumble, you can hear it growing (see David Sillito’s piece on the BBC), and rhubarb and custard is so yummy it even spurned the name of a cartoon!

Rhubarb has significant cultural value and is something cherished by true Yorkshire folk.

In West Yorkshire there is a triangle where it grows better than anywhere else in the world. The location of that triangle is a matter of some debate – but it can be said to stretch between Leeds, Wakefield and Bradford. People passing through this triangle often say that you can press your ear against a window and hear it growing at night!

Furthermore, Yorkshire Forced Rhubarb has been added to a list of legally-protected names!

It therefore must be added to the list of emoji. This would help raise the profile of this oft misunderstood and a true nocturnal delight.